Quick Update

Hey everyone! Just giving a quick update on the blog. I am currently on hiatus. It's not easy working full time, content creating for multiple platforms, and trying to take care of my mental health all at the same time. I plan on returning eventually. Hopefully it won't be too long. But at this moment,... Continue Reading →

Squid Game is a Brilliant Critique of Capitalism

(This Post Contains Spoilers From Squid Game) I feel like society has gotten to a point where dystopian movies don’t feel far removed from reality anymore. Or am I just being cynical? I enjoyed Squid Game for many reasons. The cinematography. The character development. It’s critique on capitalism.  Can it even be called a dystopian... Continue Reading →

Black Girls Deserve Protection

I’m disturbed by Ma’Khia Bryant’s story. On April 21st, she was murdered by police in Columbus, Ohio. This occurred around the same time as the Derek Chauvin verdict. A sixteen-year-old child was shot four times in the chest by the same people she called to protect her. I’m disappointed in the Black people who I’ve... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Retire The Term, “Crackhead.”

Let’s start off with how crack-cocaine made its way into the Black community. The U.S. government is responsible for bringing crack-cocaine into Black communities (see the CIA Contra). They preyed on Black communities feeling the effects of the recession and high unemployment rates. Crack was affordable and it was to profit from it. Criminalization crack-cocaine... Continue Reading →

Let Go of the Respectability Politics

Can Black people dead respectability politics now? It’s been tried before and guess what? It still won’t make us acceptable to white society. There is a recent story of Kevin Kelley, owner of True Kitchen, scolding Black women for twerking in his establishment. This has sparked a debate about what is respectful and disrespectful behavior... Continue Reading →

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