Practicing self care


I’ve been hearing about self-care for the longest. I have plenty of posts about self care saved on my Pinterest but I don’t think I’ve ever took the time out to practice it. I’ve been using self care to cope with my anxiety and depression, and the results have been great. Of course anxiety and depression is not conquered over night but it’s a good start.


I practiced on my makeup then I went outside and took pictures of myself. Instead of waiting to join a yoga class, I just looked up videos on YouTube. I worked on my essays and stories. I listened to relaxing music while I took long walks around my downtown area. I took a break from social media and read a great novel instead. I gave myself words of encouragement to counteract my self-doubt. I did guided meditations and felt refreshed afterwards. I’ve also been binge watching a hilarious show.


In the process of spending time alone, I learned more about myself. I never realized how crafty I was. I learned that I should try to understand things before I assume. I figured out that I can block out negativity by keeping busy. Keeping busy by doing the things I love makes it even better.


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