Offset and Homophobia in the Black Community

Recently, YFN Lucci and Offset released a song called, “Boss Life”. The song featured a line from Offset where he says, “I cannot vibe with queers”. This sparked a debate about homophobia in the black community. I’d like to share my opinion on this topic. Some people may view it as the least of our problems in the black community. But I see it as a big problem. I’m apart of the LGBT community and I know black people who apart of the LGBT community. This is an important issue to me.

Black people are a marginalized group. What sense does it make for a marginalized group to discriminate against another marginalized group? Especially when those groups can intertwine. Black LGBT people are apart of the black community. We cannot preach about pro-blackness and liberation while discriminating against each other. That is not liberation, that is another form of oppression. Can you imagine how that feels? Being discriminated against because of your race and sexuality? Feeling isolated from your own people?

I’m tired of black people justifying homophobia. We can’t understand why someone hates us because of our skin color, but it’s acceptable to hate someone because of their sexuality? When it comes to sexuality, we can turn into the same bigots we complain about. Some black people use Christianity as an excuse to discriminate against LGBT people. But Christianity was the same religion that was used to justify enslaving black people. Hypermasculinity also plays apart in the homophobia. Some view being gay as being “unmanly”. Some will go to the extreme to denounce anything that’s deemed “feminine” to prove their masculinity. It’s dangerous. People have lost their lives because of it.

Homophobia has become so embedded in our culture that some of us can’t understand why it’s an issue. It’s been normalized in our community for years. This is why rappers feel comfortable enough to include it in their music. This is why there is a lack of outrage when a black LGBT individual is murdered. They are treated like outsiders in our community. We shout “Black Lives Matter” but do we mean all black lives or just straight cis ones? We definitely need to do better when it comes to supporting eachother. Our community will never be strong if we’re constantly dividing eachother and discriminating eachother. No, homophobia is not exclusive to the black community. I’d appreciate it if other groups would call out homophobic behavior in their own communities, while black people focus on theirs.

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