What Janelle Monáe means to Me


Janelle Monáe is an inspiration for me. From her defiant lyrics to her thought-provoking style, I love Janelle Monáe. Since the beginning of her career, Janelle has been all about being unapologetic. She is unapologetically queer, unapologetically feminist, and unapologetically carefree. Janelle is a multi-talented artist. Everything about Janelle inspires me. 


I started listening to Janelle when I was in the tenth grade. I was always weird and felt like I didn’t fit in with any of my peers. Hearing songs like, “Queen,” “Electric Lady,” and “Ghetto Woman,” would give me chills. I’d tear up from her lyrics because I could really identify with what she was saying. I lived by lines like, “Categorize me, I defy every label,” and, “Let love be your guide, you were built to last through every weather.” There weren’t many artists who’s lyrics made me feel the way Janelle did. 


The first time I think I really noticed Janelle was watching her dance during her Prince tribute at the BET Awards. She was wearing her signature pompadour with her white shirt and black bow-tie. From her dancing to her outfit, Janelle was carefree. People would complain about the way she dressed and say that she wasn’t “feminine” enough. But, she didn’t change for anyone else. The way Janelle dressed also had a deeper meaning to it. It was a tribute to her parents and the working class. 


Her latest album, “Dirty Computer,” provokes even more emotions from me. Janelle dives into subjects like sexuality, pro-blackness, and feminism. I felt like she was speaking to me once again. Songs like, “Pynk,” and, “Make Me Feel,” spoke to me as a Pansexual woman. Lines from, “I Like That,” like, “Even with the tears in my eye, I always knew I was the shit,” and “I don’t care what I look like, but I feel good.”  Let’s not forget the beautiful visuals and story she provided with the emotion picture of the same name. 


Janelle deserves accolades for her artistry. She is a talented singer, songwriter, actress, and music producer. Janelle even has her own record label for other innovative artists like herself. She’s never afraid to experiment with her music or her style. You know she’s the real deal if Prince named her as one of his favorite artists and supported her. 


Janelle Monáe means a lot to me as a pansexual Black woman, who is also an unapologetically black creative. I’ve listened to Janelle from being a awkward girl dying to fit in, to becoming an ambitious woman who learned to love her uniqueness. Janelle Monáe is an inspiration for me. 

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