My Experience with Christianity

(Disclaimer: I have respect for all religions. I’m aware that not all Christians are bad people and that there is bad in every religion. Christianity is the only religion I’ve grown up around, so I can only speak on my experiences with Christianity. )

Religion was never forced on me as a child. We didn’t go to Church. No one made me read the Bible. But, my parents were Christians. My classmates were Christians. So I followed suit. It wasn’t until I got little bit older that I became skeptical about Christianity.

I went through a phase where I questioned the existence of God. I questioned the power of prayer. I questioned whether religion really mattered. I eventually went back to believing. But, I can’t lie and say that it wasn’t fear tactics that helped pushed me back into it. There’s always fear tactics. I witness it all the time. I’ve heard someone say, “If you don’t go to church, you’re going to hell.” “If you aren’t Christian, you’re going to hell. But it’s still time for people to repent,” my friend would argue.

Christianity is supposed to be about love. So why are there so many Christians using Christianity to justify bigotry? God loves everyone, but yet they feel it’s rational to hate someone because of their sexuality.

I hate the history the history of colonization and slavery that Christianity. Slave masters used Christianity to convince them that God wanted us enslaved. That suffering was apart of God’s plan. I notice many Black people still have that mindset.

Don’t even get me started on some of these preachers that parade themselves as messengers of God. What makes them special compared to the average person, that God would only talk to them? Why are poor people so eager to give all of their money to fund their lifestyles? Why do you need a mega church to preach God’s word? Why do your preacher have a Cadillac and a big house in the suburbs, while he preaches to his people in poor neighborhoods about being humble? People in my community uphold preachers as Godly figures, while they’re doing something completely different behind the scenes.

I have the upmost respect for all religions. And I take the time out to educate myself on them. I more so identify with Christianity still. So, I mean no harm when I speak on my experiences with Christianity. But I am tired of the hypocrisy I see from Christians.

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