Let’s Talk About Sex

    Let’s talk about sex more. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It’s important that everyone educates themselves. Educate yourself and each other on how to have safe and enjoyable sex.
  • Practice safe sex, no one is invincible from STDs.
  • Learn about the prEP medicine.
  • Have casual sex, but put your safety first.
  • End slut and STD shaming. They both can scare people from asking questions and getting tested.
  • Parents, normalize talking to your kids about sex. Make them feel comfortable asking you about it. You would rather them get information from you than their peers or television, right?
  • Bring sex education back to schools.
  • Educate kids on sex and that includes same sex intercourse. Your personal beliefs do not matter. Kids need this information.
  • Make condoms accessible in all schools, not just universities. Kids are having sex regardless and we all would prefer them to take precautions.
  • HIV/AIDS isn’t a gay disease.
  • Masturbation is normal and healthy.
  • Respect sex workers.
  • Teach everyone about consent.
  • If someone seems unsure about having sex, that means no.
  • Coercion is not okay.
  • Get tested regularly.
  • Sex isn’t something a man does to a woman. It’s a mutual thing. It is not a way of conquering.
  • Intoxicated individuals cannot consent to sex.
  • Minors cannot consent to sex with adults.
  • If you’re not using condoms, make sure you and your partner are tested beforehand.
  • Body count means nothing.
  • Abstinence is okay. Premarital sex is okay. What isn’t okay is shaming people for those decisions.
  • Losing your virginity doesn’t make you impure.
  • Being a virgin doesn’t make you boring.
  • Being asexual doesn’t make you weird.
    Talk about sex! There’s nothing embarrassing or disgusting about it. It’s how we’ve all come to exist in this world. The more we talk about sex, the more we learn. We can keep ourselves and each other safe and happy.

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