Black Women Are NOT Your Superheroes

I’m over Black women being painted as superheroes, saviors, and goddesses. You would think these images would be flattering. But they’re not so flattering when you really think about it. Often in the Feminist and Pro Black Community, Black women are called these names when it is convenient. But both communities have a habit of leaving Black women out of important discussions. They ignore our grievances and are sometimes our antagonists. People depend on Black women to defend themselves. While Black women have no one to depend on except themselves.

Black women are viewed as reliable and selfless in the Feminist and the Pro-Black community. When the Feminist community needs people to get out there and vote Democrat: Black women save the day and every Feminist is Pro-Black women for five minutes. Black men have a habit of praising Black women when it comes to the sacrifices we make for the Black community. We are praised for the way that we uplift our people. We are praised for the way we bear everyone else’s problems and our own. But where are these Black women fanatics at when we need them? Where are they when Black women are being slandered and dehumanized? Where are they when Black women are being abused and murdered? Those people are nowhere to be found. We spread awareness for ourselves. We create our own platforms. Then when we speak about our issues, we are either silenced or gaslighted by both communities.

This viewing of Black women as superheroes is toxic. We are not invincible. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No human is invincible. We are only called superheroes when it comes to what we can do for others. It comes off as manipulative. We are not regularly praised, rather we are shunned by the same people who call us “selfless.” We are always there to save others. Well who is here to save us besides ourselves? Our suffering is glorified and normalized. Black women should not live their lives believing that they are supposed to sacrifice themselves for everyone else, while they are suffering too.

If you are one of those people that love to call Black women superheroes, goddesses, and saviors: Ask yourself why you call us that. Name a few reasons. Is it because of what we do for you and for others? Do you show support to Black women? Do you listen to our issues? Do you help us in any way besides calling us “cute,” names?

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