Black People Really Support Kodak?

Bill Kapri is a self hating mumble rapper and rapist with a huge fan base. His “funny” videos and music override his disgusting words and actions. This continues the decades old pattern of straight Black men not being held accountable for their actions within the Black community. Not only is he a terrible person, he is terrible representation for the Black community. Black men especially.

Kodak Black came under fire for his comments about his preference in women. He stated that he didn’t like Black girls and he even didn’t like his own skin complexion either. Kodak also says that he prefers lighter skinned women because dark skinned people are too gutter and lighter skinned women are easier to break down (rapey asf). He even has a line in one of his songs that goes, “I’m already Black, I don’t need no Black bitch.” Despite these gross comments, Black people continue to support him and give him a platform, ironically even dark skinned women do this. His statements were controversial but many Black people still came to his defense and called it just a “preference.” Black men are already stereotyped as self hating and hateful towards their own women. Kodak Black shamelessly reinforces this stereotype. But he is hilarious!

Another stereotype is that Black men are criminals. Kodak Black reinforces this stereotype as a repeat offender. Now I understand that Black people are treated unfairly by the justice system. We are a target. But Bill has been charged for robbery, possession of weapons, fleeing from officers, false imprisonment of a child, and even rape. His trial for sexual assault starts in April. Kodak Black’s fans ignore the fact that he is an accused rapist. And I use the word “accused” carefully because he has made comments that allude to the face that he is a rapist. Recently, he caught attention for a line in his song about Young M.A. “I’m fucking Young M.A. long as she got a coochie,” he rapped. Young M.A. took to Instagram live to express her discomfort with this line. So Bill went to Instagram live to express that he didn’t understand how a woman could have a, “pussy and not wanna be penetrated.” He proves that he doesn’t understand consent or sexual harassment. But he makes good music!

Kodak Black creates a negative image for Black people. The Black community has spent years trying to break stereotypes and people like Kodak proudly reinforce them. He clearly has serious issues and instead of seeking help for him, people continue to enable him and see this as entertainment. The Black community cancels artists simply for being gay. The Black community complains about sexually liberated female rappers, but someone like Kodak Black continues to thrive because of us. This speaks to a bigger issue in our community. Homophobia and misogyny is rampant. We put straight Black men on a pedestal and they are treated as untouchable. This is why a rapist and self-hating Black man like Bill Kapri has a successful career.

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