Celebrating Black Women’s History Month: Black Fashion Icons



Everyday is a celebration of Black women for me. But, since April is Black Women’s History Month: I’ll be posting many blog posts celebrating Black women. This week’s post celebrates Black fashion icons.


Lil Kim- “The first rap bitch to rock Chanel,” sums it up. One of the first female rappers to adopt the raunchy and somewhat avant-garde look. Fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace, and Alexander McQueen LOVED the queen bee. She walks in Fashion Week shows til this very day.



Diana Ross- Forever bringing the big hair whether it’s an Afro or 30 inch. She has been radiating glamour for over 40 years.


Rihanna- Fashion icon, and now a fashion mogul, Riri could wear a plastic and make it look good. Her career kicked off when she switched the long brown hair to an edgy, asymmetrical bob. She had every girl wanting red hair and Puma creepers. Rihanna is a mega pop star and now fashion mogul with her successful collaboration with Puma, her lines, Fenty lingerie and Fenty makeup.



Janelle Monáe- Janelle’s fashion advice to women is to stop dressing for men. She brings a uniqueness and complexity to fashion with her “pussy” pants and the rainbow dress she wore to the BET Awards. In my opinion, she’s never had a bad fashion look.



Aaliyah- Women are still influenced by the late star’s iconic 90’s and early 2000’s fashion. When I think of Aaliyah, I think of her signature crop top and baggy pants with her silky middle part. As a child, I imagined having the bang covering my eye. Girls love recreating her iconic looks like the studded bra from the video for “Try Again” and the neon orange eyes from “We Need A Resolution”. Some have even said her looks were ahead of her time. The thick arched eyebrows, natural makeup look, and the perfect middle part are current beauty trends.



Florence Joyner- Flo Jo was an Olympic track runner and also known for her flamboyant style on the track. The bold lipstick, long colorful nails, and one-legged tracksuit was her signature look.



Josephine Baker- This one goes way back. Josephine was a famous performer in France for decades, dating all the way back to the 1930’s. Her most famous look was the banana skirt she danced in while completely naked underneath. She gave us show girl glamour with her finger waves, furs, and huge jewels covering her body.



Aretha Franklin- We focus more on her artistry but the Queen of Soul could serve some looks. Beautiful coats, lots of beautiful coats.



Grace Jones- Her androgynous and avant-garde fashion always stands out. She is comfortable in her own skin and it shows through her eccentric fashion choices.



Missy Elliott- She is just now receiving the praise for her fashion looks. She could always rock the bold Black lips, shimmery eye shadow, and finger waves. She rocked a plastic bag and made it iconic!

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