Twitter is Obsessed with “Humbling” Black Women

Black women are berated for loving themselves and being loved by others. This misogynoir has been highlighted by social media outlets like Twitter. People unite to invalidate the confidence, looks, and praises of various Black women on a daily basis. The constant digs almost seem like a way to “humble” these women.

Megan the Stallion’s career has blown up in the past few months. She’s been showered with love. People admire her talent, beauty, and confidence. The bigger she gets, the more people on social media come out of the woodwork to project their miseries onto her. People have bonded on berating her looks and talent on multiple occasions. This woman minds her business so why are people so bothered by the self-love this woman has and love she receives? She was even bashed for liking anime. What the fuck? The thing is Black women are not supposed to love themselves or be loved, especially Black women who do not fit a certain beauty standard. Lighter skinned Black Women with eurocentric features are not bashed the same way brown or darker skinned Black women with broad noses and big lips are. For example, female rappers, Cardi B and Saweetie are not constantly attacked for their looks the same way Megan is, although all three are well-known female rappers.

Another example of this is Beyonce. A lot of people hate that she receives so much praise. They go out of their way to call her overrated and even invalidate her talent. There’s nothing wrong with not being a fan or not seeing the hype. But why go out of your way to spread negativity about someone who isn’t hurting anyone? I don’t know any other artist who has everyone writing think pieces about how much they don’t like them or their work. Journalists even wrote about how offended they were by her “arrogance” of releasing pictures with her twins.

Fat Black women are also on the receiving end of this. Fat-phobia is an issue for fat women regardless of race, but I’ve noticed that Black Women get the worst of this on Twitter. This is from the combination of misogynoir and fat-phobia. Fat Black women are bullied simply for posting selfies. How dare these women feel comfortable enough to take pictures and post them?


Social media is toxic in general. But I think it is especially harmful for Black women who are the butt of many jokes and the subject of bashing. People of all races join in this “humbling,” including Black people. Sadly, even Black women are guilty of inflicting this onto other Black women. The act of loving ourselves and being loved by others offends people. This is why it is so important to keep calling this ignorance out and to continue uplifting Black women. Society wants us to hate ourselves and each other. We won’t let them win.

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