You Hate Lizzo Cause She’s Fat & Black

Surprise! Social media has found another Black woman to harass. Hating Lizzo has become a new hobby for people on social media. She’s the topic of discussion even when the topic doesn’t involve her. Lizzo is always being picked apart for the smallest things. People think hating Lizzo is a personality trait. This Lizzo hate/obsession is more than just not disliking someone. It’s bullying. It’s also a combination of misogynoir and fatphobia. Don’t think it’s that deep? Let me explain why it is.

First off, people on Twitter have a long history of using Black women as a punchline. Even celebrities have old tweets of them saying horrible things about Black women. We’ve seen different Black female artists picked apart on this app like Megan Thee Stallion, Summer Walker, and SZA. Every time a Black woman’s career takes off, she becomes a target of slander on Twitter. This isn’t a new thing with Lizzo.

Lizzo haters’ favorite responses to people calling them out are, “You can’t make me like Lizzo,” and, “You can’t make me find her attractive!” There is no problem with not being attracted to her or disliking her. The problem is constantly picking her apart and harassing her.

I have a problem with the hive mind on social media. It will have people trashing someone without knowing why they even dislike them. They all have the same reasons why they hate Lizzo. But those reasons don’t make much sense.

One of Lizzo haters’ reasons for disliking her is that she makes “white people” music. That has been said all over Twitter and it makes me wonder if they’re familiar with Lizzo’s music or just repeating what someone else said. I’m assuming “white people” music is pop music? Lizzo is not the only Black artist who makes pop music. There’s been tons, huge artists like Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Donna Summer, and Whitney Houston. These artists were also versatile and made R&B music….same with Lizzo. Lizzo has a versatile discography. She not only makes pop music, but she has also made R&B and hip hop songs. Maybe people are judging her music based on singles like “Truth Hurts” and “Juice.” But she also has soul singles like “Jerome” and “Cuz I Love You.” I’m confused where she makes “white people music” claim comes from?

Another popular reason for disliking Lizzo is that she wore a thong to the Lakers Game. Mind you, this happened back in December. This was five months ago. People are still talking about it because it was “wrong to expose children to that.” Is it really about the children? I’ve seen people on Twitter fantasize about beating their future child. I’ve seen people defend Boosie bragging about letting a grown woman rape his sons. They spent weeks tearing apart Dwayne and Gabrielle Union’s child for her gender identity. Was it really about the children or did they just need a reason to bash Lizzo?

I’ve seen a lot of people say that Lizzo is desperate for attention. Every celebrity is desperate for attention. I want to quickly compare her to Megan Thee Stallion for a second. They’re both free-spirited women. They love showing off their bodies and twerking in public. Misogynistic comments have been made about Meg’s behavior. But for the most part she’s praised for how great her body looks. Her behavior isn’t considered obscene. Lizzo’s is. That’s where the fatphobia comes in. Lizzo’s twerking and being half-naked is considered obscene because she is a fat woman. Society views fat bodies as disgusting. It also bothers them that a fat woman has that much confidence to show herself off in a way they think is exclusively for acceptable bodies.

Lizzo haters have made it their mission to break Lizzo down. People have an obsession with trying to humble Black women. It doesn’t help that she’s a fat Black woman. So they go to her Instagram and make comments comparing her to an animal and leaving vomit emojis. If you don’t like someone, why go to their page? They are obsessed with hating Lizzo.

Nothing Lizzo has done has warranted all the hate she gets. Especially when known abusers and rapists don’t even get as much hate. I admit she has done things that made me side-eye her. The way people respond to these things is always unnecessary. Do people have to make comments about her weight in response to the Postmates situation? The answer is no.

Everyone doesn’t have to like Lizzo. Everyone doesn’t have to find her attractive. Everyone doesn’t have to think her music is good. But why harass her? Why constantly bash her? What really fuels the hate? It can’t be disliking her music or her things because the comments are personal. Lizzo’s hate comes from fatphobia and misogynoir.

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