Celebrity Culture and Politicians Don’t Mix

The blind worship of American politicians is once again, another example of how celebrity culture has gone too far.

AOC is on the cover of Vanity Fair. People are making fan cams of Kamala Harris. When do we draw the line between celebrity culture and politicians? The people whose decisions affect our livelihood.

I was too young to recognize the blind worship of Obama during his presidency. We praised him for his basketball skills, while being oblivious to the drones he dropped on innocent people overseas. I watch people reminisce about him being president, ignoring the fact that he also had children in cages.

I see the same coming for Kamala and Biden. During the election season, if you criticized Biden, you were accused of supporting Trump. If you criticized Kamala for her troubling past in California, you were accused of tearing down Black women. But some criticism of politicians can be valid. Politicians are not above criticism. It’s dangerous to treat them that way.

Politicians are human beings that work for us. They are not entertainers. There is too much focus on politicians being “cool”. Too much focus on politicians being stylish. When we spend too much time idolizing politicians, we are taken advantage of. We become blind to the harmful decisions they make and do not realize the effect until it’s too late. Hold these people accountable and stop putting them on a pedestal.

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