Does Cancel Culture Exist or Are You The Sensitive One?

Cancel culture is today’s version of the witch hunt. Critics of politically correct culture claim that it’s an attack on free speech. No one can say what they want without their careers being affected by it. I constantly hear about cancel culture, but I have to ask who has effectively been canceled for something they’ve said? Does cancel culture exist or are people just sensitive to criticism? 

Comedians like Dave Chappelle and Bill Maher have been critical of cancel culture. Bill Maher stated during a segment on his show that, “all hate the culture of hypersensitivity and no one stands up to it.” Dave Chappelle told Joe Rogan in reference to cancel culture, “I hope we all survive it.” 

I’m sorry. I just find it hilarious to hear these two complain about cancel culture. “Sticks and Stones,” Chappelle’s comedy special, which was basically a f*ck you to cancel culture, received a lot of negative reactions. Despite all of that, he still won “Best Comedy Album,” at the Grammy Awards in 2020. This man still has a $60 million deal with Netflix for his comedy specials. Back in February, he stated that Netflix paid him millions after the “Chappelle Show” dispute. Bill Maher has his own HBO talk show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” that has been on air since 2003. Maher’s alleged net worth is $140 million. When exactly has cancel culture affected them? 

I think of many celebrities who have made a career from being problematic and those whose problematic behavior has not affected their career. There are celebrities who have even harmed others and are still doing fine. Jeffree Star still has a successful makeup line. Chris Brown continues to release music. Candace Owens has made a career out of being anti-pc culture. Our previous president constantly made problematic statements and has multiple sexual assault allegations against him. Who has been successfully canceled? 

So I have to ask again, does cancel culture exist? Or are people just not used to being called out on their bigotry or the harm that they cause? To make criticism out to be an oppression and attack on free speech shows how egotistical some people are. No one is above criticism. If you can say what you want, then others can respond the way that they want. We all have the right not to support those whose views or values don’t align with ours. Everything you do will not be well received by everyone. 

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