Celebrating Black Women’s History Month: Black Women who embody “Carefree Black Girl”

Another post in celebration of Black Women's History Month.  The carefree Black girl movement has inspired me as a Black woman to love the many parts of myself. Black women are always viewed as one-dimensional characters. They are almost always negative stereotypes. The sapphire, the Jezebel, the mammy, etc. We are expected to be perfect... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Black Women’s History Month: Black Fashion Icons

    Everyday is a celebration of Black women for me. But, since April is Black Women's History Month: I'll be posting many blog posts celebrating Black women. This week's post celebrates Black fashion icons.   Lil Kim- “The first rap bitch to rock Chanel,” sums it up. One of the first female rappers to... Continue Reading →

Do Black Women Only Like Thugs?

I’ve been hearing this stereotype that black women prefer thugs for years. Donald Glover has been a big topic of discussion this week. Topics ranging from his music, comments about his racial preferences, and his current partner. I’ve seen many responses about black women not having a preference for “nerdy” black men. Donald has even... Continue Reading →

Black Victims Matter

Why do I have to say that black girls matter? Why do I have to make a separate hashtag? It's the fact that black women's lives are disregarded even in our own community. It's the fact that a boycott against R. Kelly and wanting to hold him accountable for the twenty years (and still going)... Continue Reading →

My Experience with Misogynoir

Misogynoir is the combination of racism and sexism directed towards black women. This term was coined by Moya Bailey, a black queer feminist scholar. I didn’t learn about the term until about a year ago, but I’ve experienced it all of my life. Recently, I’ve been feeling more emotional about it. Sometimes I have to... Continue Reading →

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