Squid Game is a Brilliant Critique of Capitalism

(This Post Contains Spoilers From Squid Game) I feel like society has gotten to a point where dystopian movies don’t feel far removed from reality anymore. Or am I just being cynical? I enjoyed Squid Game for many reasons. The cinematography. The character development. It’s critique on capitalism.  Can it even be called a dystopian... Continue Reading →

Does Cancel Culture Exist or Are You The Sensitive One?

Cancel culture is today’s version of the witch hunt. Critics of politically correct culture claim that it’s an attack on free speech. No one can say what they want without their careers being affected by it. I constantly hear about cancel culture, but I have to ask who has effectively been canceled for something they’ve said?... Continue Reading →

Black Femme Soul Review: Euphoria

Euphoria is the latest hit television show on HBO. It recently wrapped up its first season and I just finished my binge watch. Euphoria is a dark, teen drama with explicit and violent content. Sometimes I squirmed watching it, but it is a good teen show. I think many of the storylines are relatable to... Continue Reading →

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