What “Black Panther” Means to Me

Black Panther has now passed the $1 billion mark globally. It is one of the highest grossest films of all time. I saw this movie a few weeks ago with my family and we all loved it. I honestly felt like tearing up. The movie was great, but the representation was even better. It meant... Continue Reading →

Offset and Homophobia in the Black Community

Recently, YFN Lucci and Offset released a song called, "Boss Life". The song featured a line from Offset where he says, "I cannot vibe with queers". This sparked a debate about homophobia in the black community. I'd like to share my opinion on this topic. Some people may view it as the least of our... Continue Reading →

Take A Knee

It's football season and of course, the NFL is the topic of discussion. But the latest discussion isn't about football, it's about the NFL players' choice of protest: kneeling during the national anthem. Sunday, 150 NFL players took a knee or protested in other ways. Some stood but locked arms as a form of solidarity.... Continue Reading →

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