Sexually Liberated Women Intimidate Insecure Men

In this society, women are expected to live up to a man’s standards of what a “real” woman is. As time goes on many women are defying these sexist standards. You would think that in 2019 people wouldn’t be so bothered by multifaceted women, but this is still an issue. Insecure and sexist men do... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s talk about sex more. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It’s important that everyone educates themselves. Educate yourself and each other on how to have safe and enjoyable sex. Practice safe sex, no one is invincible from STDs. Learn about the prEP medicine. Have casual sex, but put your safety first. End slut and... Continue Reading →

The Pro-Hoe Movement Isn’t As Bad As You Think

People hear the phrase, “Pro-Hoe,” and their mind automatically jumps to something negative. I’ve heard people assume that it promotes a reckless lifestyle for women. That’s not true. The Pro-Hoe movement is about sexual liberation. It’s about getting rid of the stigma surrounding women and sex. I’ve seen men and women try to reduce this... Continue Reading →

Stop Slut Shaming

It’s 2017 and women’s bodies are still offending people. This is getting really old. A woman has the right to cover up her body and she has just as much of the right to show it off. We can have sex or we can choose not to. That is no one else’s business. Men post... Continue Reading →

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