Summer Walker and Social Anxiety

I’ve been disappointed but not surprised by the reaction Black people have had towards Summer Walker. Y’all were just screaming that Black people need to open up about mental health and here you are degrading a Black woman for opening up about her mental health. The reasons for it? Many people are unsympathetic to celebrities,don’t... Continue Reading →

Multiple Black Women Killed In Past Week: Where’s The Outrage Detroit?

To say I’m pissed off, would be an understatement. Black women are being murdered back to back in Detroit with little to no outrage. In the past week, multiple Black women have been murdered in the same area: Detroit’s east side, many near the Downtown area. These stories are alarming. So why aren’t the police... Continue Reading →

The Black Community and R. Kelly

I’m disgusted by the Black community’s reaction to the “Surviving R. Kelly,” documentary. Instead of considering how serious this issue is, people have resorted to jokes. Instead of supporting Black women, Black people went to stream R. Kelly’s music. Instead of speaking out against sexual assault, Black people jumped to R. Kelly’s defense. I’m disappointed... Continue Reading →

Black Women Are NOT Your Superheroes

I’m over Black women being painted as superheroes, saviors, and goddesses. You would think these images would be flattering. But they’re not so flattering when you really think about it. Often in the Feminist and Pro Black Community, Black women are called these names when it is convenient. But both communities have a habit of... Continue Reading →

White Feminists and Hoteps

Lets talk about two of the most annoying self proclaimed activists: White feminists and hoteps. I always considered them one in the same. They are both 50% privileged and 50% marginalized. White feminists being marginalized for being women. But they also have white privilege. Hoteps are marginalized for being Black. But they also have privileges... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s talk about sex more. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It’s important that everyone educates themselves. Educate yourself and each other on how to have safe and enjoyable sex. Practice safe sex, no one is invincible from STDs. Learn about the prEP medicine. Have casual sex, but put your safety first. End slut and... Continue Reading →

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