White Feminists and Hoteps

Lets talk about two of the most annoying self proclaimed activists: White feminists and hoteps. I always considered them one in the same. They are both 50% privileged and 50% marginalized. White feminists being marginalized for being women. But they also have white privilege. Hoteps are marginalized for being Black. But they also have privileges as men. Hoteps and white feminists are only out for themselves and people who are exactly like them. Their behavior always contradicts their “beliefs.” They will guilt everyone else into supporting them.

Bette Midler tweetCredit: Bette Midler/Twitter
Bette Midler tweet Credit: Bette Midler/Twitter

White feminists aren’t just white women who are feminists. White feminists are those white women who claim to be all for uniting women, yet they only focus on issues that involve women who look like them. They exclude women of color and transgender women. Their favorite sayings to dismiss those who call them out is, “This isn’t about race! This is about women.” Or, “You are being divisive.” Even though asking to be included as a WOMAN in a movement about WOMEN isn’t being divisive at all. White feminists go around calling Black women goddesses and heroes when elections come around because as usual we’re the main ones who vote blue. The rest of the year we are ignored by those same women. White feminists mention many issues like sexual assault and the wage gap. But the issue is they only discuss the part that affects them. They don’t bring up the fact that women of color are paid even less than they are. They do not mention that Indigenous and Black women have the highest rates of sexual assault. The Me Too Movement was very white. So white that Tarana Burke, the Black woman who created it ten years ago, was hardly mentioned. White feminists love referencing their genitals. So much that the “Pussy Hats” are their signature. White feminists were told countless times that their, “Pussy Hats,” excluded trans women. Instead of listening to the concerns, they argued for their right to wear the damn hat and also accused people of being divisive…AGAIN.

Hoteps are those Black men who think that everything is a conspiracy against them and that they are all descendants of Egyptian pharaohs. They’re the ones who think Bill Cosby was framed because he was going to buy NBC. Hoteps tend to be misogynistic, homophobic, and transphobic. They think that Black men are being brainwashed into being gay and transgender by the government. Some even believe that periods signify being unhealthy. Hoteps claim to be all for Black liberation. Even though they exclude Transgender, Gay Black people, and Black women who do not fit their “standards.” Hoteps hardly call out straight, cisgender Black men for their wrongdoings. But they are judgmental towards everyone else. Their favorite sayings to dismiss those who call them out is, “You’re letting White feminists brainwash you into hating Black men!” “You’re dividing the Black community. This is what they want!” Or, “You hate Black men!”

White feminists and hoteps. Both privileged and also marginalized. Self absorbed and will gaslight everyone else into supporting them. This is not an attack on Black men or White women. Only on the ones who claim to be for uniting Black people or women when they really aren’t.

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